Staff Profiles Nick A. DeFilippis, Ph.D.

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Director and Founder


Dr. DeFilippis has been in private practice since 1978.  He received his professional training at the University of Iowa and the University of South Florida.  He is board certified in clinical and neuropsychology and has published or presented internationally in both areas.  Dr. DeFilippis has held several teaching appointments and is currently a Professor in a clinical psychology doctoral training program accredited by the American Psychological Association.  In that program he is the Coordinator of the neuropsychology training concentration.  His clinical interests include assessments, brain injury and forensic consultation with children and adults


TELEPHONE: 770-730-9930


Gail Natter, MA, CAC II, LPC, CCS


Ms. Natter is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Addiction Counselor. She is co-director of APA’s outpatient chemical dependency treatment program and serves as a provider of chemical dependency treatment services for the State of Georgia. Ms. Natter’s interests include treatment of drug and alcohol problems and program development.


TELEPHONE:  770-730-9930


Ray Horwitz, D.O.


Dr. Horwitz specializes in psychotherapy and medication management of the full range of psychiatric disorders in patients of all ages. He has a particular interest in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder in adults and children. His collegiate sports background has contributed to his current work with a number of athletes for the purpose of performance enhancement.


TELEPHONE:  770-394-5050


James Millhouse, Ph.D.


Dr. Millhouse has provided psychological services to adolescents and adults for 30 years. Throughout that time he has had a specialty in Sports Psychology and Sports Performance Enhancement. He now specializes in working with numerous professional and amateur athletes. His clients have included champion boxers, skaters, Olympians, and professional and collegiate hockey, basketball, and football teams. In addition to the above interests, Dr. Millhouse is skilled in the use of hypnotherapeutic treatment of habit disorders such as smoking and pain management.


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