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Substance Abuse








Mental Health and Behavioral Management


The staff of APA regularly provides a full range of mental health and behavioral management services to varied patients and organizations.  These include:


Individual, Family and Marital Psychotherapy

Psychological/Neuropsychological Assessment

Attention Skills Training for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Stress Management

Forensic Evaluation and Consultations

Pre-employment Psychological Screenings

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

Psychiatric Treatment/Medication Monitoring

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Chemical Dependency

Hypnotherapy for Habit Control and Pain Management

Staff Development Programs in Behavioral Health

Program Evaluation

Eating Disorders Evaluation

Assessment and Treatment Planning for Learning Disorders

Sports Psychology/Performance Enhancement

Vocational Assessment and Guidance

FAA Psychological Evaluations

Specialized Mental Health Services


Pain Management


APA associates have over 25 years of experience coordinating the provision of complete evaluation services for patients with chronic pain problems.  Treatment plans are developed to meet the unique needs of each client.  These normally include brief psychotherapy of the patient and/or family members to deal with any co-existing behavioral or emotional problems that are exacerbating the pain problems; biofeedback and hypnosis to assist the patient in learning natural methods for dealing with pain and to alleviate stress; and non-addictive medication management of pain.  APA believes a time-limited approach that emphasizes behavioral and environmental treatment is most effective.



Brain Injury Rehabilitation


The staff of APA possesses internationally recognized expertise in the field of neuropsychology and brain injury rehabilitation.  We also maintain close affiliation with a number of neurologists and neurosurgeons.  Neuropsychological  assessment of head injured or neurologically impaired individuals is a specialty of the company, and is typically the first step in the process of rehabilitation.  A treatment program is then designed that may include counseling for emotional or behavioral problems, medication, and cognitive remediation.  Cognitive remediation is a specialized technique designed to assist cognitively impaired individuals to recover lost abilities and learn to compensate for these abilities in order to become more functional.  APA has been providing these services for over thirty years.  Some of these services are also applied in cases of ADHD.


Forensic Services


The staff of APA has been involved in forensic mental health activities for over thirty years.  We have considerable expertise in this area and have served as consultants to attorneys, federal and local governments, and health management companies.  APA is able to provide evaluations, case reviews, and general consultations to our clients in this area.  Seminars on various topics in forensic mental health can be provided upon request.  Examples of issues dealt with by APA in this area are:


Child Custody


Medical Malpractice


Head Injury


Disability Claims


Civil Liability in Loss and Casualty


Head Injury and Personal Injury Claims


Criminal Cases involving Intent and Competence


General Competence Issues


Independent Medical Evaluations


Transitional Drug Abuse Treatment Services


Psychosexual Evaluations


Substance Abuse Treatment


APA’s substance abuse treatment approach is cognitive behavioral, rational behavioral, solution and social skills training focused, and includes a wide array of techniques in the treatment process.  These are selected based upon a thorough assessment of the patient and the development of a treatment plan.  APA uses a biopsychosocial treatment model that recognizes the genetic, biological, family, economical, cultural and developmental factors that affect a person’s choice to use drugs.





APA has over thirty years experience in designing and implementing behavioral health and organizational development programs.  It has been highly successful in providing programs and comprehensive treatment services for its clients, both public and private.  APA utilizes solid research and clinical experience to design innovative and cost effective programs.  These have saved our clients a great deal of expense, while providing excellent outcomes.  Our staff utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology to ensure comprehensive tracking and data analysis of programs.


Organizational/Corporate Consultation




APA provides services to companies focusing on wellness and preventive programs as well as human resource development.  We have extensive experience in:


               Pre-employment Evaluation


               Executive Coaching


               Human Resource Analysis


               Stress Management


Psychological Analyses and Consultation

 on New Product Introductions



APA has a specialized program for providing additional, time-limited, interventions and consultation

 to businesses and other organizations upon request.


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